The course is a 100% single track trail run on the Uwharrie Trail in the Uwharrie National Forest. The 8-mile and 20-mile courses are point to point. The 40-mile course is out-and-back, with a turnaround at the 20-mile finish.


Running the Uwharrie Trail is a true adventure that requires intense concentration. The national forest terrain is hilly and the trail is treacherous. Fallen leaves conceal rocks, roots, sticks, and holes. Expect to trip and fall at least once during the day. If you turn an ankle, keep moving. Dutchman’s Creek flows along part of the trail and runners will enjoy numerous stream crossings, which may mean wet feet. The creek water is not safe to drink.

The trail is well marked with white blazes painted on trees at frequent intervals. Two blazes indicate an approaching sharp turn. Disregard yellow and red blazes. IF YOU STOP SEEING WHITE BLAZES, YOU ARE OFF THE TRAIL. Retrace your steps to the last white blaze then circle around until you find the trail. If you find yourself in a part of the forest posted with hunting signs YOU ARE OFF THE TRAIL. Don’t follow other runners into un-blazed territory. Don’t become discouraged if you get lost. Even experienced trail runners occasionally lose their way.

Sunrise – 7:14 am / Sunset – 5:55 pm
Average February Temperatures: Low 31.6° / Avg 43.7° / High 55.9° / View local forecast

Be prepared for anything! Rain or ice sometimes creates wet and muddy conditions. Usually, it is chilly in the early morning, warm at mid-day, and cool in the late afternoon. BE PREPARED FOR ANYTHING.

In the event of threatening weather, please check this website for the latest race information.


Anyone who breaks race rules will be disqualified from this race and from future events.

  • Runners per race limited. Runners must line up for the race you entered. Bib colors are different per race.
  • Minimum 5 runners to enter team competition. Top 5 runners per team scored. Winning team has lowest combined finishing place total across all 6 race categories (40m, 20m, 8m: men + women). No team registration on race weekend!
  • Pacing or companion runners are not allowed.
  • Unregistered runners are not allowed. “Bandit” runners will be disqualified from this and future races.
  • Runners who pick up bib numbers on Friday night must check in Saturday morning prior to their race.
  • Numbers must be worn on the front and be clearly visible at all times.
  • Race officials will determine order of finish if runners cross the finish line together.
  • Runners must follow the marked trail, proceeding without unauthorized physical or mechanical assistance from others.
  • Runners must give passing room as soon as reasonably possible to a runner who asks for the trail.
  • Runners should pass on the left.
  • Runners must complete the distance they signed up for.
  • Runners who register for the 40-mile race intending to run only 20-miles will be disqualified from this and future events.
  • Please do not run additional training miles on the course on race day. It jeopardizes the safety, security and enjoyment of the race for others.
  • For safety, runners who withdraw during the race must inform a race official or aid station volunteer.
  • No littering, smoking or consumption of alcohol permitted on the course or in the Uwharrie National Forest.

For the safety of participants and volunteers, 40M runners will be stopped at the 32-mile point after 5:00 pm, at the 35-mile point after 6:00 pm, and at the 38-mile point after 7:00 pm. To continue past the 32-mile point after 4:00 pm, runners must have a light. The 40-mile time limit is 12.5 hours. The 20-mile time limit is 6 hours.